Wearing a prayer


Throughout history, Christians have used symbols such as a cross to direct their prayer and as an image of their faith. The prayer scarf is designed in the same way, to be a symbol of faith and an affirmation of your trust in the protection of God’s love.

Each scarf is designed by a New Zealand artist, with a quotation (or adapted quotation) from scripture. In choosing a scarf, for yourself or as a gift, we encourage you to choose an image and a quotation that is meaningful to you. The scarves are produced in a sustainable and ethical fashion in China and made with high quality, durable materials which look and feel beautiful.  All our packaging is made through earth-friendly processes and is compostable.

Our tag line is “wrapping you in aroha, transforming lives”. As you wrap one of these beautiful scarves around yourself, you will be wrapped in aroha (aroha is the Māori word for love and grace) - and by buying our scarves you are helping to transform the lives of other women who desperately need our help.  

We hope that you will wear the scarf in your daily life as a prayer or display it in your home as a reminder of God’s grace, love, and protection.

Still Water Scarves is a registered charitable trust committed to freeing and supporting women who have been trafficked into slavery. All profit from the sale of scarves will be donated to organisations working to protect and restore victims of human trafficking.